San Francisco Fern Society
A society for the appreciation, cultivation, study, and conservation of ferns.
We meet quarterly. All meetings are free and open to the public.


Our Next Meeting:

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Time: 10:00 am to 12 noon

Speaker/Topic/Location: Our May meeting will feature a San Francisco garden tour at the home of an SFFS member. Directions for how to sign up for this meeting were sent out via the mailing list. Details, including the specific home address, will be provided to those who register for the meeting. AS OF MAY 2, REGISTRATION WAS CLOSED BECAUSE WE REACHED OUR QUOTA. Space limitations dictate that participants be limited to forty people, but it should be an excellent meeting.

VERY LATEST: KQED Deep Look with production/research assistance from the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley (and one of our officers!) created this delightful short (3:44) video about fern reproduction:

NEWER: Wendy Born's slideshow on spore propagation at the February 2024 meeting has been posted to the presentation archive page. (Posted February 29, 2024)

NEW: Alex Adams provided a link to the short video (37 seconds) he talked about at the May 2022 meeting. From Alex: "It is of my Lecanopteris mirabilis doing what ant ferns do, providing a home for an ant colony. The video recorded me telling my wife that they are attacking my hand and my phone and that I was turning it off. They really do provide a good defense for the plant!"

Slideshows from past meetings have been moved to their own page because this page was looking way too cluttered.

Two pages are under construction: a fern photos page and a links page.

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